Events and disabled form fields

Turns out, mouse events don't fire when the pointer is over disabled form elements, except in Firefox. This is annoying when implementing things like drag & drop.

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Fun hacks for faster content

A few weeks ago I was at Heathrow airport getting a bit of work done before a flight, and I noticed something odd about the performance of GitHub: It was quicker to open links in a new window than simply click them. Turns out it was a lack of streaming…

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Sounds fun

I played with the web audio API for the first time recently, so I thought I'd write up what I learned. I think that's my job or something.

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SVG & media queries

One of the great things about SVG is you can use media queries to add responsiveness to images, but which viewport triggers those media queries?

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Service worker meeting notes

On July 28th-29th we met up in the Mozilla offices in Toronto to discuss the core service worker spec. here are the headlines…

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Jake Archibald next to a 90km sign

Hello, I’m Jake and that is my tired face. I’m a developer of sorts.



Feel free to throw me an email, unless you're a recruiter, or someone trying to offer me 'sponsored content' for this site, in which case write your request on a piece of paper, and fling it out the window.