Caching best practices & max-age gotchas

Getting caching right yields huge performance benefits, saves bandwidth, and reduces server costs, but many sites half-arse their caching, creating race conditions resulting in interdependent resources getting out of sync.

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Streaming template literals

Template literals are pretty cool right?

const areThey = 'Yes';
console.log(`${areThey}, they are`); 
// Logs: Yes, they are

But what if they could produce a stream?

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Control CSS loading with custom properties

The pattern in the previous post covers the 90% case of multi-stage CSS loading, and it's really simple to understand. But, would you like to hear about a pattern that covers ~100% and is absurdly complicated? Well, take my hand, and follow me into the next paragraph…

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Service workers and base URIs

Previously when we've run into a contentious service worker design issue, we've asked web developers what they think. This has worked out pretty well in the past, with developer feedback directly informing spec changes. It's also great because we can blame y'all if you pick the wrong thing.

Well, it's that time again! Help us!

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2016 - the year of web streams

Yeah, ok, it's a touch bold to talk about something being the thing of the year as early as January, but the potential of the web streams API has gotten me all excited.

Streams can be used to do fun things like turn clouds to butts, transcode MPEG to GIF, but most importantly, they can be combined with service workers to become the fastest way to serve content.

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Tasks, microtasks, queues and schedules

When I told my colleague Matt Gaunt I was thinking of writing a piece on microtask queueing and execution within the browser's event loop, he said "I'll be honest with you Jake, I'm not going to read that". Well, I've written it anyway, so we're all going to sit here and enjoy it, ok?

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